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Investment Strategy

Agility and Confidence

A primary investment strategy at Broadway Equities is in identifying off-market and market opportunities by leveraging its keen eye for details. Broadway Equities moves quickly and decisively to acquire properties and often puts hard money down at contract, putting the company’s own money at risk first.

Properties come up at unexpected times or places. Broadway Equities has the agility to act upon new opportunities at a moment’s notice. The leadership’s experience and business savvy allows the firm to quickly assess the value of a potential investment, and then act upon those findings. Broadway Equities has the speed and confidence to successfully negotiate transactions at lightning speed.

With meticulous attention to detail and the ability to creatively structure investments, Broadway Equities acquires properties which offer minimal risk and maximum value. Broadway Equities leverages its relationships and expertise to seek out and acquire properties with significant potential for double-digit, cash-on-cash returns and single-digit cash-on-cash returns with huge upside.