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As key liaison for David Werner, Joe Friedland and their many partners, Broadway Equities enjoys special relationships with owners, brokers and procurers of deals; and after 12 years is often given the first opportunity at off-market transactions.

Broadway Equities seeks and discovers rare finds within the real estate market. Combining its natural instinct with broad knowledge and experience, Broadway Equities hones in on opportunities that others overlook. Broadway’s leadership brings a unique perspective that allows the company to analyze the best way to structure a deal and establish a win-win situation for all parties. Guided by a seasoned team, the firm focuses with laser precision on deals that the leadership knows will be successful. Their vision and foresight anticipates which properties will spell success for its investors.

Broadway Equities specializes in the acquisition and management of properties throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern U.S. and other key markets with specific opportunities throughout the country. The company aggressively pursues assets through its extensive industry contacts and diligent market research. By leveraging its keen skills, extensive experience and broad connections, Broadway Equities is exceptionally adept at identifying cash-flowing properties with an excellent risk/ reward ratio.